I think the message the folks at Red Bull are trying to get out to the world is this, "Drink our product and you will do some crazy stuff". That sure seems to be what happens when folks drink the energy beverage. They jump out of space capsules. They fly motorbikes to the top of monuments. They jump out of airplanes without parachutes too. Red Bull, it gives you wings while sucking all the common sense right out of you.

Here is another Red Bull event. It is a soapbox derby race. The soapbox derby was born of kids creating gravity powered cars from the wood scraps of old soapboxes. That was then and this is now. This is also Taiwan, where strange, weird, hard to believe, and Oh My God go hand in hand with everything. It is quite comical. The designs that these people have created are amazing. The fact that they function as cars is pretty neat too.

Don't get me wrong, I like my Red Bull sugar free. It does provide a nice boost during the down times in my day. It has never made me want to jump out of a space capsule or go to Taiwan but who knows, maybe if I keep drinking Red Bull , it will.