The Louisiana Department of the Treasury has recently unveiled a new initiative to connect Louisiana residents with monies that are owed to them. The new plan is called the Louisiana Cash Campaign and it features the slogan, "Your Money, Claim It."

By the way, State Treasurer John Schroder says his office is looking to return over $900 million dollars in unclaimed property. So, if you've lived in the state for more than five minutes it would behove you to check out this site and enter your details.

Alexander Mils via
Alexander Mils via

Most of the money in the treasury got there via unclaimed tax refunds or utility deposits that were returned or even abandoned assets like an old checking or savings account that you weren't aware of. We as humans find more ways to lose money than squirrels do to hide acorns. Or something like that. What we're trying to say is we can be quite messy in our money matters.

Google Maps.Google Streetview
Google Maps.Google Streetview

This leads us to the Louisiana Lottery. I know most of us will purchase a lottery ticket with plans of watching the drawing unfold as we realize we have suddenly become millionaires. While that's often the plan, it's not really how the big wins in the lottery work. Most people when they hit it big don't find out about their winnings until a day or several days after.

That being said, how much money do you think is currently unclaimed, in just the Lottery's four most popular games? I am speaking of Powerball, Mega Millions, Easy 5, Lotto, how much in unclaimed major prize money do you think is out there?

5 Million Dollars In Cash Displayed At Seminole Hard Rock Casino
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If you said $1.660,000.00 you'd be right.

That's right there is over $1.6 million in lottery winnings that lottery players have either chosen to wait to collect or they are unaware of the winnings. The most urgent of those unclaimed winnings that really needs some action is in the form of a $50,000 Powerball ticket. That ticket will expire on March 7, 2022. Should that happen the money will go to the Lotteries unclaimed prize fund.

Now, as much as I'd like to see those winnings go back into circulation, I'd also like the person who won the money to come forward and claim it. The ticket in this particular drawing was sold for the September 8th drawing last year. It was sold in Lake Charles at Nelson Point on Nelson Road.

There is another Powerball winner for $50,000 that was sold in Slidell for the October 2nd drawing last year. That ticket will expire on March 31st. Let's hope these winners realize what they have in their pockets or purses. Maybe this story will serve as a reminder to check those numbers, and check those old coat pockets too. You never know when a lottery windfall will jump right out and change your life.

And maybe you could go back to that simpler life. You know the kind of life they live in TV westerns.

PICS: See Inside the Historic Texas Ranch Where the New 'Yellowstone: 6666' Spinoff Is Filmed

The massive, historic Texas ranch where the new Yellowstone spinoff Yellowstone: 6666 is filming has sold for just under $200 million, and pictures show a property that is truly part of Texas history.

The 6666 Ranch — better-known as the Four Sixes Ranch — in Guthrie, Texas, dates back to 1870. The ranch centers around a 13-bedroom, 13-bathroom, 13,280-square-foot main residence, which is constructed of quarry rock that was hauled to Guthrie by wagon. The ranch also includes vast, sweeping fenced pastures, farmland, fenced-in pens for cattle, a more recent addition for horses, a water filtration plant that serves the ranch's water needs and more.

There are separate camp manager's homes in both the North Camp and the South Camp of the ranch, which encompasses nearly 225 square miles of land. Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan is part of a group of investors who recently acquired the property for $192 million, and he has been shooting his new show out there in recent months.



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