I know the Constitution of the United States provides that there be no "cruel or unusual" punishment for those found guilty of crimes but computer hackers need to be exempt from that. If it were up to me the hackers and robocall scammers would have their own unique space in hell.

I am pretty sure I wouldn't have too much of an issue convincing members fo the St. Landry Parish School Board to join me in my disdain for computer pirates based on recent events that they have experienced. The system announced last week that an online attack had been launched on the school system's websites and computer networks.

Fortunately, the attack appears to have been caught before too much damage could be done. However, there are still areas of concern for the IT specialists and the St. Landry Board. Due to a lack of connectivity two programs within St. Landry Parish Schools,  the Center for Academic Programs (CAPS) and Virtual program will be closed on Tuesday, January 21, 2020.

All other St. Landry Parish Schools and classrooms will be open. The two programs that are affected by the closure are online programs and the lack of connectivity is the reason they have been shuttered for today.

School officials say the mobile version of the school system website is functioning. However, there are still issues with the desktop version of the site. Those problems are being addressed and will hopefully be solved by day's end.

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