The tenuous relationship between the St. Martinville City Council and St. Martinville Mayor Melinda Mitchell took a decidedly quiet turn at last night's council meeting. One of the proposed items on the agenda was what to do about the Mayor's car allowance.

According to reports, Mitchell is given $800 per month for automotive expenses. The Mayor would like for the council to take that monthly allowance back. Instead, Mayor Mitchell is proposing the city purchase a vehicle for her, the Mayor, to use in her official capacity.

Maybe I am observing from too far away but there seems to be an awful lot of room for common ground in this particular discussion. But the issue isn't always as simple as it would seem from a distance.

One of the sticking points in the automobile issue appears to be insurance. At least one member of the St. Martinville City Council says the Mayor has failed to provide that body with proof of insurance. The Mayor has countered with the argument that suggests she does in fact have the proper insurance, she just wasn't including the city on her personal policy.

Obviously those are sticking points that will have to be worked out. Regardless, the decision on doing anything with the Mayor's car allowance was tabled until the next meeting. Hopefully, a few civic-minded insurance providers will check in with the council and the Mayor and offer some advice on how to smooth out the situation.


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