It's not unusual for the mayor of a community and the city council of a community to have a difference of opinion. It's probably the best way to make sure the best solutions to a town's problems are resolved. There is no mistaking the animosity between the St. Martinville City Council and Mayor Melinda Mitchell. Such was the case again at last night's meeting of the St. Martinville City Council.

As expected the council voted on and approved an ordinance that would amend the city's charter to make the Mayor's job a part-time position. Previously, Mayor Mitchell had expressed her view that there is no way the job can be part-time. However, the City Council disagreed and passed the measure anyway.

As promised, Mayor Mitchell vetoed the council's vote on the part-time position. The problem with that veto is neither the Mayor nor the council is sure if she actually has the power to veto the vote.

So, also at last night's meeting, the council voted to authorize the city attorney to get a court determination about the mayor's veto authority. So, we will have to wait and see on that particular issue. There is no word as to when the issue might be brought before a judge for consideration.

In other business from last night's meeting of the St. Martinville City Council, that body did vote to amend the city's charter to include term limits for elected officials in the town. Regardless, all changes to the city charter will need to be reviewed and approved by the Governor's office.


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