I love fresh strawberries. Louisiana is blessed with some great strawberry production. Heck, we even have a festival dedicated to the darn things. So when Chef Jill McCoy and I were discussing what kind of culinary creation I was hungry for this week, I suggested something to do with strawberries for this edition of Foodie Friday.

Little did I know that Chef Jill had beaten me to the  punch on her personal food blog. She created a special treat for Valentine's Day that will taste just as delicious and be even more romantic now that the pressure from Cupid is off.

If there is an easier dessert or sweet treat to make than this, I'd like to see it. Compared to how easy this is to make heating up Pop-Tarts looks complicated. The recipe employs simple traditional flavors but the presentation offers an opportunity of elegance.

Being the uncultured idiot that I am I had to ask Chef Jill what a "trifle" was. I had always thought it meant something of little value or importance. That couldn't be the proper definition when you're dealing with strawberries and Graham crackers.  Chef Jill explained that in the culinary world a "trifle" is a dessert that usually involves fresh fruit and a layer of sponge cake that is soaked in sherry or wine.

Chef Jill's definition was a lot better than mine.

As I mentioned the recipe is as simple as falling off a log and if you happen to be around a campfire you can do that after you've roasted the marshmallows to go in your trifle. In a nutshell this is a delightful layered dessert that offers the nostalgic taste of your childhood favorite S'mores. Add to that some Nutella and fresh strawberries and serve it in a fancy glass and you've got easy elegance.

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