Crowley's crime problem may be getting better. The community is in dire need of something to help police solve the town's recent rise in crime. One Police Juror would like surveillance cameras installed throughout the city.

Police Juror Walter Andrus has lead the way for Crowley to have surveillance cameras installed without costing taxpayers a dime. Walter would like to have at least 15 cameras installed using grant money. The total cost of installation would be approximately $150,000. The cameras would be installed several at a time.

Photo by Adam Berry/Getty Images
Photo by Adam Berry/Getty Images

Walter has been rallying for the cameras since elected. The Juror believes the Crowley Police Department needs the help. So many times they have nothing to go on when trying to solve a case. Andrus believes having cameras located throughout Crowley would likely be a deterrent for criminals and give police a helping hand.

Walter has been praised for his efforts and has gained support from the community and other city officials including Crowley Police Chief Jimmy Broussard and Acadia Parish Sheriff KP Gibson.

Andrus told KLFY it's been a long journey.

It may not stop homicides, but at least people can feel secure when they go into their dwellings at night or in the day.-Andrus

Funding for the cameras is close to being approved. If approved, the cameras would be placed at unannounced locations throughout the city this year. CLECO will be responsible for installing the cameras.

I think once we start using them, the people are going to be asking for more in the area.-Andrus

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