New Iberia’s Famous Runaway Pig Gets A Home [Video]
Remember back in July, that fast fast little runaway pig in New Iberia everyone was trying to catch? Many people tried to catch him, but he was quite a slippery fella. Well, KATC reports he's doing just fine these days. He doing better than fine actually. He's got a new home and a new loving family.
Pickled Pigs Lips – Have You Tried Them?
I must admit I am intrigued and slightly disgusted at the same time. I know if we judged food by what it was down in South Louisiana we would starve and miss out on some great treats. I just don't know if I am Cajun brave enough yet.
150 Pigs Stolen in Lafayette…Minnesota
Some thieves in Minnesota are bringing home the bacon, literally! For the third time in the past month, a large amount of pigs were stolen from a southern Minnesota farm. Ryan Bode's Nicollet County farm had 150 swines stolen, valued at $30,000. Bode says the thieves cut the netting on the windows of the shed, entered the barn, then opened the door from the inside.