No this is not a story about an Ole Miss sorority party gone wild. This is a story about an actual pig and an actual cow. It's also a story about how after enough booze almost any creature tends to believe they are ten feet tall and bulletproof.

The story comes from Australia where some campers were enjoying a Summer outing. Remember, it's summer in Australia so now would be the time to go camping. As you might imagine, this group of camper brought along a few cases of beer to enjoy around the campfire.

It was after the campers had turned in for the night that they heard a rather strange crunching sound coming from outside their tent. A quick peek out the tent flap revealed a feral hog helping himself to the beer stash.

Everyone knows that after you've been drinking you really want something to eat. So the drunken pig then decided to dine on a few bags of garbage that the campers had stashed near their campsite.

That's when the cow entered the picture. A large cow that also happened to be roaming the wild back country of Australia obviously heard the commotion and decided to stop in and see if there was anything in the campground for it to consume.

This infuriated the drunken pig who proceeded to get all huffy with the cow. The camper's eyewitness account suggested that the pig charged the much larger animal several times before the cow decided to go about its business and leave the premises.

The pig then wandered off in the bush. The following morning the campers were cleaning their campsite and heard a strange groaning sound coming from nearby. Their investigation revealed the pig from the night before passed out underneath a tree.

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