I do the grocery shopping for my family so it's not uncommon for me to come home with something different for our gang to try. Most of the time we are pleasantly surprised. I never thought I would grow to love pickled eggs the way I do. They are beyond tasty by themselves and if you add them to a sandwich or a salad the flavor meter goes right off the chart.

Here in Louisiana we are known for being culinary daredevils. At least in the eyes and taste buds of the rest of the world we are daredevils.The folks at Farm Fresh Food Suppliers understand that people in Louisiana are going to eat what's good.  We cook and eat things that most would consider inedible. We turn them into delicacies. While crawfish, boudin, cracklin, even chaudin have become favorites of mine, I still can't bring myself to buy and try the pickled pigs lips.

To be truthful we all put our mouths on things that we probably shouldn't. If we really stopped to consider the consequences of where our mouth is going and what it's about to come in contact most of us would never kiss or drink from a public water found again.  Still, those are people lips and not pigs lips.

I did some checking on the processes involved in the pickling of pork lips and it seems like a pretty standard procedure. There is the use of a brine, the passage of time, and the addition of flavors. It's  how we make cucumbers pickles so why wouldn't it work for pigs lips. I guess it does, it just doesn't work for me.  Or at least it hasn't yet.

I am looking for some Cajun food reviews please. Have you tried pickled pigs lips and how did you eat them? Do you eat them right out of the jar or do you make a sauce or a dip? Did you know that was what you were eating when you first tried it? After you found out were you willing to eat them again?