Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods Hot Dog Thrower Was Inspired By Ryan Gosling
Remember the fellow who was arrested after throwing a hot dog at Tiger Woods last Sunday?
Well, 31-year-old Brandon Kelly finally opened up to the press about why he resorted to wiener tossing when he saw Woods lining up a putt on the seventh hole of the Frys.com Open. His explanation is pretty out t…
Tiger Woods’ New $55 Million Pad
The last year or so for Tiger Woods may have been a disaster on and off the golf course, but his checkbook didn't take a hit. So, the now single Tiger has built him a new bachelor pad to the tune of a $55 million price tag!
Tiger Back on the Prowl
I find it shocking and appalling that Tiger Woods is now reportedly dating a blonde 22-year-old college student! (Insert sarcasm here.) I thought for sure he'd go after a BRUNETTE 22-year-old college student. Her name is Alyse Lahti Johnston and she attends Ohio-based Northwood University.…
Golfers, Play Augusta At Home
I will probably never throw a touchdown pass in the Superdome, send a ball screaming over the fence at Wrigley Field or realize my dream of dancing on the words Ole Miss in that cow pasture they call a football field in Oxford Mississippi, but thanks to video I games I have done it electronically. N…
Sex Tops Saints
Okay maybe not the best headline in the world but it got your attention huh? Well the Associated Press is out with their sports stories of the year and guess what cheater rated higher than the good news story of a lifetime?