Recently, our sister station Hot 107.9 posted an Acadiana Mall commercial from 1984. My face is still sore from smiling so hard watching it. It got me wondering about what other nostalgic advertising diamonds from Acadiana were floating around on the internet, so I did a lil search. What I found is a fantastic collection of multiple TV commercials from 1984 that will make you seriously want to find the nearest time machine and take a trip. Heck, you might even be in one of these commercials!

In the 80's, shopping malls ruled everyone's lives, and the Acadiana Mall was no exception. There are a couple of great commercials in this video that will get your mind racing, thinking of all the times you went to the Acadiana Mall as a kid.

A few commercials in, you're going to find a real nugget of nostalgia when you see the commercial for "Party On The Green" featuring Alabama and Reba McEntire!

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