It's football "hate week" all across Louisiana as LSU is taking on Alabama in Tuscaloosa on Saturday and the Saints are hosting the Falcons on Sunday.

The former has provided the internet with lots of funny memes and great trash-talking amongst fans. The latter hasn't garnered as much hoopla, given that the Atlanta Falcons are 1-7 this season (and also blew a 28-3 lead in some big game in a year gone by) while the Saints are rolling at 7-1.

But let us never forget that we should despise anyone who plays for the Falcons. It's in our DNA as Saints fans.

And let us also not remember one of the greatest TV commercials of all-time. The "Voodoo" commercial from DirectTV back in 2010 that was promoting the NFL Sunday Ticket.

In case you don't recall the ad, here it is on a Throwback Thursday. Oh, and remember, "a Dirty Bird can't fly with a broken wing."

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