I often wonder what my legacy will be when my time in this dimension is over. I think that's a pretty normal thought for people to have. Of course, most people have a normal job and what might be considered a normal life. Me, not so much.

The same can be said for Jude Walker. Jude and I have been doing the morning show on 97.3 The Dawg for more than a few years now. I was looking back through the archives for something fun we could put up on our social media sites for Throwback Thursday and I rediscovered this gem.

No, it wasn't quite as cool as Bruce and Jude playing Reba McEntire.

I know people who still have nightmares about that commercial. But this has nothing to do with Reba and everything to do with Oreo cookies.

A while back, 2011, or ten years ago the latest Internet fad was the Oreo Challenge. The challenge was just good old fashioned online fun and did not require vandalizing a school or slapping a teacher. It only required sliding an Oreo cookie from one's forehead into one's mouth without using one's hands.

Here's how it starts.

Staff Photo

Yes, Jude does look younger and like he's been out back with Willie Nelson and Kacey Musgraves but that's a story for another day. As you can see Jude uses his amazing forehead scrunching ability to move the cookie.

Bruce Mikels

As you can see, he's got the cookie moving in the right direction. Oh no! I think he's lost control of the cookie off the side of his face.

Staff Photo

And to the floor, it fell. Fortunately, Jude Walker is no quitter and he's not a germophobe either. He picked that little Oreo right up and placed it back on his head and gave it another try.

Staff Photo

This time he's got the Oreo right where he wants it to be.

Staff Photo

And finally, Jude gets to enjoy his cookie.

Now, if you'd like to see how the whole challenge unfolded in real-time including Bruce Mikells incredible unconfirmed world's record for the Oreo Challenge you can see that entire video right here.

Let this be a reminder to you if the next time you call the radio station and don't get an answer it's probably because we're doing "research" like this. Just remember, you can always send us a Text Message through the 97.3 The Dawg App.

So what was your favorite bygone fad of a few years ago? Planking? Batmanning? Cinnamon Challenge? or was it some other attention-grabbing gimmick. I think I tend to do better at challenges that involve cookies. How about you?

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