This story right here is why we can't have anything nice!

A woman named Tracy Rosner has been a third grade teacher at Coral Reef Elementary school in Palmetto Bay, Florida for the past 10 years. Last year she applied for a promotion to teach in a program where kids learn a second language.

One of the requirements of the job is to teach kids Spanish one hour each day.

There's just one problem, Tracy doesn't speak Spanish. As you could imagine, she didn't get the job.

And now Tracy is suing for discrimination. Can you believe that???

She says she didn't get the job "because of her race and national origin as a non-Hispanic individual who was not a fluent and native Spanish speaker."

She says the school could have given her the promotion and hired someone else to teach the hour of Spanish!

Her lawsuit isn't asking for a specific amount of money. She's leaving that up to the courts to decide.

Good luck with all that, ma'am.

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