Can even the manliest man be in touch with his most inner feminine side and be seen as girly? Sure he can.

AskReddit posed this question, "Men of Reddit; what thing would you do if it wasn't so 'feminine' or socially 'unacceptable'?", and men responded with answers you would never think could come from a guy.

"If I didn't have a penis I would only wear yoga pants.", "Before Christmas, my wife mentioned a perfume she liked. I went to the store and bought some. It smells so good that I went into the store twice that week to use some of the accompanying lotion on my hands.", "Skirts. They look nice and seem breezy." and "Chick drinks. I really like fruity alcoholic beverages." these were just a few of the hundreds of surprisingly truthful male answers.

According to AskReddit, These Are the Most Popular Guy Answers

  1. Wear a dress.
  2. Wear leggings or tights especially when it's cold.
  3. Wear make on those days when the face is broken out or for dark circles.
  4. Use fruity-smelling perfumes or colognes.
  5. Be comfortable using the word "cute".
  6. Wear bigger jewelry including bracelets and rings.
  7. Use facemasks for better-looking skin.
  8. Take up knitting or quilting.
  9. Carry a purse. Many guys said pockets on men's pants were not big enough.

See all the responses here.

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