Many skilled oilfield workers from Louisiana have made the move to Texas, but will construction workers be making the move soon as well?

Experts say the economy in Texas is so good, that it's actually bad. How does that make any sense? Well, basically, so many people are rushing to the lucrative oilfield work that companies are having a hard time filling construction job openings.

Builders like Mark Dann with Highlands Classic Homes say that skilled laborers are so scarce, they are having to push the pay scale to get help.

I had a builder friend that walked into a house one day and thought the workers were at lunch because they left their tools. Come to find out, someone else had come by and offered them a lot more money. They just got up and walked out. Forgot their tools.

Dann says there have been swings before, but something about this "feels different."

While residential construction has a huge "help wanted" sign on it, commercial construction is seeing the same issues. A report from Fox 4 says that delivery times have gone up and supplies become backlogged due to a shortage of truck drivers.


So, with both commercial and residential construction fighting for the same workers at the same time, the industry is looking to trade schools for the next generation.

If you've got the skills, Texas definitely has the work.

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