Texas Roadhouse in Lafayette remains open after seven employees recently tested positive for the coronavirus.

Local television station News 15 (KADN) reached out to some of the employees and they report that those workers aren't happy with how the restaurant handled the situation.

One employee told News 15: "Everybody was scared, a couple of servers, they went home to get tested, and I went to get tested today to see if I had it, but I didn’t.”

That employee preferred to remain anonymous. Another employee, who also preferred to stay unnamed, says they panicked when they heard the news, so they got tested.

News 15 also reached out to management for comment.

“We feel like we’re the cleanest and safest restaurant in town. You know we do daily symptom checks, daily temperature checks with masks and gloves,” replied Travis Doster, Texas Roadhouse Manager.

“We’ve done what’s called a fog of the restaurant last night, and that’s an overnight deep clean, and are following CDC safety guidelines and taking extra precautions.”

Now keep in mind that the Centers for Disease Control does not make it mandatory for a business to close if an employee contracts the coronavirus.

All Texas Roadhouse employees in Lafayette who were in direct contact with employees who tested positive were notified and urged to follow safety guidelines.

Management says they understand that some employees may not feel comfortable working. However, their goal is to be as transparent as possible.

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