Reports say that an 8th-grade student in Texas has been arrested and now faces a felony charge after video went viral of him attacking his teacher after she confiscated his phone. Officials from the school district say that they need more mental health resources for students as violence has seemingly been on the rise.


According to reports, a teacher at Bowie Middle School in Odessa, TX was attacked recently after getting into an argument with one of her 8th-grade students. The student was seemingly irate after his phone had been confiscated.

Video of the incident went viral on social media and it shows the student talking to the teacher behind her desk while the class watches. The student initially leans down and apparently tries to get the phone himself. But, that is when the struggle begins and things quickly escalated to a violent level.

Facebook via Holly K. Forbes
Facebook via Holly K. Forbes

After the student continued to reach down near the teacher's desk, she pushed him away and once again instructed him to move. This is when the student pushes back and eventually starts throwing punches and grabbing at the teacher's head.

The rest of the class can be heard reacting to the scene as the student eventually drives the teacher's head into the desk. The teacher again gets dragged by her head and smacks into the desk as the student continues to deliver blows.


At this point, an adult voice can be heard entering the room and the video cuts off.

A Superintendent from the school district reportedly says that while he's proud of the work the counselors have done to provide mental health resources, it is still not enough.

We have to understand that kids today, many of them are struggling with some mental health challenges. The pandemic was a very difficult experience for many of our children, and as our kids recover from the pandemic, we have seen not only at ECISD but across the country, a rise in violence in our teenagers and younger adolescents,” - Ector County ISD Dr. Scott Muri

8th Grade Student Attacks Teacher after Having Phone Confiscated

See the video shared by a parent via Facebook below.

The report says that the 8th-grade student involved in the incident has been arrested and now faces a felony charge of Aggravated Assault of a Public Servant.

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