We are 29 days away from Halloween and you say you don't have your costume! What are you, like a dude or something?

Time to get the thinking cap on and get working on that totally awesome, super original costume. Or you can just steal ideas from the internet.

If you are dressing up this Halloween, you should be hip, cool and trendy. And according to the already five million costume pins on Pinterest, do-it-yourself costumes are more popular than ever before.

There are two major trends this year -- group costumes and throwback pop culture costumes.

The National Retail Federation reports that eight out of 10 millennials are planning a costume that matches their buddies'. So it comes to no surprise that group costumes are one of the top trends on Pinterest.

The second DIY trend on Pinterest is throwback costumes. And it looks like 90s costumes seem to be all the rage this year, about five times more popular on the site than last year.

I guess what all this means is that if you want to be the cool kid on the block, then you and some friends should go as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the characters from Mario Brothers or go crazy and see if you can pull off the cast of "Full House"!

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