Part of the joy of living in South Louisiana is learning the colorful language. As a transplant from Mississippi I am still learning the nuances and particular phrases of the natives. Granted I have been here since 1995, I still find new words and new ways to say them everyday. I just love it.

The heritage and culture of this place that I know lovingly call home is always so eloquent and exacting. If only our official language of English could be that way. I can only imagine a person from another land trying to learn how to read and write the English language.

We have so many words that are spelled very similar but sound totally opposite. I think this video is a great illustration of that point. Maybe we could go to the metric system of spelling. Perhaps if we all got hooked on phonics that way celebrities get hooked on pills we could all master the art of reading and writing. Or at least get a little better at it than we are now.