If you're a fan of the New Orleans Saints you have a lot of reasons to not like the Los Angeles/St.Louis/Los Angeles Rams football team of the NFL. That team has provided our boys in Black and Gold many a disappointing memorable moment over the years.


When pictures of that cap and logo first appeared on Reddit many people thought it was a hoax. I can see why. It looks like some gosh-awful made for TV football team logo. You know the kind of team where Tim McGraw plays the alcoholic dad and Al Pacino is the coach who only cares about winning.

The Internet erupted in disgust over the new logo. Many fans on Twitter felt the logo would be more appropriate for Los Angeles' other team, the Chargers. Regardless, we can all laugh at the logo until the Rams show up on a Sunday afternoon. Then we'll have to deal with a pretty good football team that's wearing a really ugly logo. We can only hope their lack of self-esteem will affect the way they play.

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