The wetlands of Louisiana have been a topic of discussion for decades. This precious natural resource protects our state from the onslaught of hurricanes and their damaging storm surge. The wetlands also provide an incredible ecosystem for plant and animal life that is very unique to our state. These wetlands are now in danger of being destroyed in  yet another way.

Ask anyone about wetlands they will more than likely start a discussion about coastal erosion. Yes, that is a big problem. Perhaps even a bigger issue in the future not the destruction of the wetlands from the coastal side but from the inside. It seems that feral swine or wild pigs, are actually doing significant damage throughout the ecosystem.

These wild pigs are descendants of domesticated pigs that escaped from farms over the years. These animals are eating machines. They eat plants, animals and just about anything else. The way they eat is where the wetland destruction occurs. These animals rip plants up by the roots. It's almost as if someone had run a rotor-tiller through the marsh. This leaves the precious soil without an anchor making it even more vulnerable swept away by moving water.

Louisiana's Department of  Wildlife and Fisheries is currently in fact finding mode to determine the best way to quell the feral swine population and protect the wetlands. Look for more details and perhaps changes in hunting and harvesting procedures in the near future.