We have a lot of really, really famous people from Louisiana, and they are proud products of the Bayou State! But do you know who the MOST famous Louisianian is? Well, according to a new poll from USA TODAY, and Graphiq, it's talk show host Ellen DeGeneres. Ok, we'll buy that - - Ellen does a lot of stuff for her fellow Louisiana folks, and we love her!


The results were based on Wikipedia page views, award show nominations, and IMDb reviews for their work, and it was only from February 20 - March 20, 2016. So, if your favorite is not on here, then one movie could probably put them over the top for the next poll - just sayin'!

The map is completely interactive, but we'll share a few names below.


New Mexico - Neil Patrick Harris

South Dakota - January Jones

Oregon - Ty Burrell

Mississippi - Oprah Winfrey

Texas - Robin Wright

Alabama - Channing Tatum

North Dakota - Josh Duhamel

California - Leonardo di Caprio

Hawaii - Nicole Kidman

Idaho - Aaron Paul

Tennessee - Morgan Freeman



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