It's almost time to start buying your candy for Halloween next Monday night. In an effort to make sure you're handing out more treats than tricks, we've found a list showing what the most popular Halloween candy in Louisiana is. Honestly, It's a head scratcher for me. It's not Reese's, Twix, Snickers or Gummy Bears.

According to this survey done by, the number one Halloween candy in Louisiana is...Swedish Fish. I think I've only had Swedish Fish maybe once in my entire life. It's a fine candy, and maybe it's your favorite, but is it really the most popular Halloween candy in Louisiana?

I'm pretty sure this isn't the only year Swedish Fish has been deemed the top Halloween candy in Louisiana either. I know personally, I've never bought any to hand out on Halloween, and I don't think any of my kids have ever really gotten any trick or treating.

Below is a map showing the breakdown state to state of which Halloween candy is tops in each state.

You can more info over at

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