Archaeologists are currently forging ahead in St. Martin Parish to find out everything they can about the very first Acadians. According to KATC, "records show more than 200 people settled in the areas along Bayou Teche in St. Martin Parish and Iberia parish in 1765." Pretty mind blowing to think how 200 settlers from Nova Scotia got out of their boats in St. Martin and Iberia Parish, and are responsible for pretty much everything we love about South Louisiana.

Mark Rees, Archaeologist, and Director of the Louisiana Public Archaeology Lab at UL tells KATC he and his crew are looking 250 years into the past of Cajun culture.

As time ticks on, areas can change dramatically and that is why Rees says it's so important to do this now before it's too late.

From KATC -

One of the major reasons to do this is that the landscape is changing. There are portions of the Teche ridge that have really been changed dramatically.


So, what exactly is the "New Acadia Project" looking for? They're hoping to find items like table wares, bottled glass, old bottled glass and ceramics.

The "New Acadia Project" is publicly funded. To help archaeologists continue their search, donate at

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