If there is a subliminal reason that I don't enjoy the "warehouse shopping" experience at places like Sam's Club and Costco it's the implication that I am a thief. You're probably asking how did you jump to that conclusion?

It has to do with the post-checkout receipt check before you're allowed to leave the store. I always thought that was to double-check my cart and make sure I wasn't attempting to get a five-finger discount on their already ridiculously low prices.

It turns out these mega stores are not double checking my checked out items for pilfered non-purchases. They are actually hoping to accomplish two goals.

The first reason for checking your basket and receipt is to help with inventory control. They're simply scanning to see if the cashier correctly scanned the items in your cart. This way buggy checkers can relay information about what customers are buying a lot of.

The second reason for the buggy check is to actually benefit you. Think about the confusion that is checkout at a warehouse store. It's quite possible a cashier could have charged you more than once for the 25-pound bag of granola bars in the chaos. The buggy checkers look for things like that. In fact, some former Costco employees say this buggy check saves customers hundreds if not thousands of dollars each day.

So, they aren't calling me a thief? That's right, they aren't calling you a thief. Besides, what self-respecting shoplifter would steal right out in the open using a buggy?

I probably still won't frequent the warehouse stores that often despite this revelation. They have too many choices and that creates anxiety in my mind. I like small stores that only offer a few things in container sizes that will fit in my refrigerator and not take up my entire garage.

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