Tuesday night (May 7) was another important elimination night on The Voice. Team Blake Shelton had a remarkable six contestants in the running, with (spoilers!) all of his country boys making the cut.

In other words: Gyth Rigdon, Carter Lloyd Horne, Andrew Sevener and Dexter Roberts moved on for Team Blake. However, the entire crew (including Oliv Blu, who was ousted; and Kim Cherry, who was saved) treated the audience to a group performance of a rather unexpected song choice—namely, Beatle legend George Harrison's 1987 solo hit "I Got My Mind Set on You."

While the tune was catchy and suited itself nicely to an ensemble, it was a bit puzzling as a song choice overall and didn't particularly seem suited to the group. Shelton, in particular, seemed ill-suited for it, attempting to put a country growl on a proper British number. As for the team, they all admittedly brought their own admirable flair to the traded-off lines; but still, one has to wonder who decided this would be the perfect song for the team to deliver.

Now that the Top 8 is set and is composed of fully half...well, more than half!...Team Blake (by the way, Team Adam Levine was completely wiped out), it seems that all bets are on and fairly safe that Shelton has a good chance at scooping up another season. Next week the cast will be halved again. We've only got a couple more weeks left to find out who will be the ultimate winner.

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