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The NFL season has finished and we'll all have football withdrawal until the NFL Draft or will we? The XFL has been revamped and is slatted to kick-off this coming weekend as the league with eight teams will do battle over a 10-week regular-season schedule.

You'll see four games a weekend, two on Saturday and two on Sunday's all on major networks such as ESPN, ABC, Fox, and FS1. The exposure will be there and there are some pretty notable players representing these teams as well.

The teams you'll be watching are:

  1. Houston Roughnecks
  2. Tampa Bay Vipers
  3. Dallas Renegades
  4. Seattle Dragons
  5. New York Guardians
  6. St. Louis Battlehawks
  7. DC Defenders
  8. Los Angeles Wildcats

Here are some of the most notable players:

  1. Cardale Jones, QB-DC Defenders
  2. Josh Johnson, QB-LA Wildcats
  3. Antonio Callaway, WR-TB Vipers
  4. Landry Jones, QB-DAL Renegades
  5. Marquette King, Punter-STL Battlehawks
  6. Matt McGloin, QB-NY Guardians
  7. Sammie Coates, WR-HOU Roughnecks
  8. Christine Michael, RB-STL Battlehawks
  9. Andre Williams, RB-HOU Roughnecks
  10. Keenan Reynolds, WR-SEA Dragons

I'm sure most of you will shrug off the XFL but try not to. I think it would be very intriguing to have something of a feeder league in the United States for NFL.

Of course, there's the Canadiana Football League but again that's not football in the US and not football that we have access to watch and keep up with. I believe this league has a chance to be something of a Minor League system like they have in Major League Baseball.

These players have a chance to showcase their talent, continue their careers, and possibly get an opportunity to realize their dream of playing in the NFL. If I'm the NFL I would want this league to be successful, it's not directly competing with your product and has the chance to provide quality talent that could end up benefitting your teams on the field which would positively benefit your bottom line. We know how the NFL likes benefits to their bottom line...

So, all I'm asking is for you to give this league a chance. I think the competition will be good, the players are mainly big-name college players who couldn't find the right opportunity in the NFL or former NFL players looking to showcase their talents to get back in the league.

If that's not enough to peak your interest there are a bunch of new rules that could potentially be very exciting that I detailed in one of my previous articles here.

Enjoy some extra football this winter/spring with the XFL.


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