Nobody can doubt the popularity of the Beanie Baby craze in the 90's. Parents were convinced that they could send their kids to college based on what their BB collection was worth, but sadly, that wasn't always the case. But, according to Mental Floss, there are still some Beanie Babies that could go for a pretty penny. So, if you've stashed your collection in the attic, it's time to haul it down and look for the most valuable Beanie Babies today. They are listed below, good luck, collectors!

  1. Princess the Bear - worth $10,000. The Princess Diana bear is still one of the most popular made
  2. McDonald's International Bears - worth $10,000
  3. Peace the Bear - worth $5,000
  4. Snort the Red Bull - worth $6,300 - interesting to note, this bear was originally called 'Tabasco', but in 1997 to avoid copyright infringement, they renamed it 'Snort'
  5. Claude the Crab - worth $9,000
  6. Valentino the Bear - worth $42,300
  7. Peanut the Royal Blue Elephant - worth $9,000
  8. Iggy the Iguana - worth $5,000
  9. Gobbles the Turkey - worth $6,667
  10. Patti the Platypus - worth $9,000

And if you are looking for something special to celebrate Elvis Week with, check out the cool collection below. Who knows, they may be worth some serious cash to future Elvis fans!


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