I was chatting with a friend the other day about the weather in regards to how nice it has been lately. But we all know in a few days we'll be in the thick of summer.

The phrase that was uttered by my friend during our conversation that made me turn my head like a dog look at their goofy owner was: "It's not that humid outside today."

Yeah, words virtually never uttered in south Louisiana...ever!

That got me to thinking of things you just never hear in south Louisiana. With a lot of help from friends and listeners of 97.3 The Dawg, here's the running list.

  • It's a dry heat.
  • I should've bought a heavier jacket.
  • You can't eat that.
  • I didn't buy anything at Walmart today.
  • Let's go snowboarding.
  • Verot School Rd rocks!
  • I just read this article in the New York Times.
  • The drainage in Lafayette Parish is amazing.
  • Who's got a snow shovel I can borrow?
  • Mais that (animal of your choice) is too cute to put in a gumbo. Let's keep it as a pet.
  • I root for the Cajuns AND the Tigers, me.
  • How 'bout them Cowboys!
  • Roll Tide!
  • Y'all's tap water is so refreshing.
  • Is there anything besides health food here.
  • Want a beer? Nah, I'm good.
  • I'll never eat crawfish.
  • The humidity here is wonderful.
  • Good thing mosquitoes go away in the winter.
  • Baton Rouge traffic was great today!
  • I can't stand the smell of boudin and cracklins.
  • Wanna go swimming in the Vermilion River?
  • Sure, take a left on Johnston Street.
  • Gumbo, oh no, it's too hot for that.
  • Where can I find booze in this town?
  • No thanks, I don't need any Tony Chachere's.
  • Three pounds is enough.
  • You know, I've never been to Cowboy's.
  • No bread pudding for me, thanks.
  • I stir my roux clockwise.
  • Drive-thru daiquiris, that's a dumb idea.
  • Sulphur, Louisiana -- ah, smell that fresh air!
  • Poo, there's no good looking' ladies here.

The possibilities are virtually endless. Have one to share with us? Email me, jude@973thedawg.com, and the good ones will get added to the list.

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