The picture you see next to these words is a picture of my coffee mug. I use it everyday. I have used it everyday here at the radio station for the past 20 years. That's a long time to be connected to one coffee mug. For a lot of people a coffee container is just wax coated paper or Styrofoam, for me this mug has a meaning I bet most of you can appreciate.

I was literally nauseated when I heard of the events that unfolded in Chattanooga Tennessee on Thursday. United States Marines gunned down on their own soil on a peace time mission. I know every member of the Corps felt that loss down to their very soul. The United States Marines are not just a fighting force, they are a brotherhood. You mess with one, you will get them all.

So, what does that have to do with the coffee mug?

As you can see the Eagle, Globe,and Anchor, the symbol of the Marine Corps is quite faded on this mug. As I mentioned it's seen at least eight cups of coffee everyday for about 20 years.This mug not only holds my coffee every morning it reminds me of an important lesson that I think about before we go on the air every day.

This mug was a gift from a young Marine Recruiter here in Lafayette.  He and one of his fellow Marines stopped in at our station to visit with us about supporting Toys for Tots.  This was in 1995. That's when he noticed my New Orleans Saints mug that I was using at the time was missing a handle and had several cracks.  He went out to his vehicle and brought in this mug.

When he handed it to me he told me that this would be a reminder that my freedom of speech was being protected twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, and around the globe by the men and women represented on this coffee mug.

I think about that every  morning when I am here by myself getting ready to spend some time with you on the radio. The fact that I can open a microphone and criticize, compliment, suggest, and speak my mind about my government, world leaders, things that are wrong, and things that are right is truly a freedom.

This freedom is not available in all parts of the world. In my world it is protected by U.S. Marines and our other military service personnel around the globe. In this time of sadness I felt it only fitting that I remind myself, and in the process make you aware, that our world would and could be very different without the passionate commitment of those who are often referred to as " a few good men".


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