The good news, we dodged the bone-chilling cold that could have been dropping into Acadiana this weekend. The bad news, we'll get the rain and storms just in time to line up for some of the Mardi Gras season's biggest events.

The official National Weather Service forecast for Acadiana calls for a 50% probability of showers in the area tonight. That threat increases on Saturday and then drops back down to a 50-50 chance of rain Saturday night and Sunday.

There will be a marginal threat of severe weather in the area on Saturday according to the Storm Prediction Center. The greatest threat of severe weather in Louisiana will be from the Lafayette area eastward to Mobile Alabama.

In perusing several forecast sites I have found that the greatest threat of rain and storms will enter the Acadiana area late tonight and remain in the area through early evening on Saturday. Many of the hourly forecast sites suggest that Saturday morning through early afternoon will likely be the wettest times of the weekend. Bummer.

The silver lining in this dark cloud is that by Monday rain chances will be minimal and there should be some peeks of sunshine too. That is also the forecast for Mardi Gras day. So, it won't be total washout although there is a very good chance you'll be using that umbrella for more than catching beads.


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