A "Time Traveler" claiming to be from the year 2906 is going viral on TikTok warning people that in 2023, a "New World" will be discovered beneath the Earth's surface. Let's hop down this rabbit hole real quick...

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TikTok Time Traveler Warns Of A New World Coming In 2023

Viral TikTok time traveler, going by the screen name @timevoyaging has been getting people's attention recently claiming that in 2023, a "New World" will be discovered beneath the Earth's surface.

If someone was a legitimate time traveler from almost 900 years in the future, choosing to communicate through TikTok is precisely how we would expect them to communicate, right?

Actually, choosing TikTok as a primary avenue of communication isn't really that crazy of an idea.

There are reportedly 1 billion TikTok users, so roughly one in eight people on Earth could potentially see these warnings about the future.

So, what do we need to know about the future according to @timevoyaging?

From ebaumsworld.com -


The discovery of Azawa isn't the only prediction from the TikTok time traveler.

He, or she, has also predicted things like celebrities faking their own deaths, massive tidal waves destroying California's coastlines, and more.

Oh, almost forgot. @timevoyaging has also predicted that in November of 2022, we find a dragon in Mexico.

Yeah, that's right. Dragons y'all.

The TikTok time traveler also promises a "face reveal" once his channel gets 1 million followers.

Not suspicious at all...nope.


If the underground Azawa people and dragons aren't worrisome enough, @timevoyaging has a few pretty bizarre and ominous predictions, some happening as soon as this year.
1) In October of 2022, a "giant wave" wave will hit San Fransico and San Andreas, California.

2) Specifically, on November 8, 2022, a hyper hurricane with wind speeds of 550mph is predicted to hit the East Coast.

3) In 2025 the United States will hold its first Purge (A night where there are no laws, everything is legal, including murder). The prediction is that the Purge will last for 7 straight days, from November 3 to November 10.

You can see more predictions on TikTok HERE.

TikTok Time Traveler
TikTok Via @timevoyaging

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