Online dating has become the main way for millennials and gen z to find dates in the age of technology. There are so many dating apps you can choose from and so many ways to connect with people in your area that you might not have met otherwise.

Dating apps can also be dangerous. There are cases all over the world of dating app disasters, some proving fatal.

This particular story is nightmare fuel, considering what happened years after this Tinder date.

Hayley Willette claims that she went on a date with Bryan Kohberger. If that name sounds familiar, he is the man accused of killing 4 Idaho college students in November 2022.

Hayley claims the date was 7 years ago when they were both studying psychology in college, which is what initially bonded them.

She posted the Tik Tok video of her recounting their first and only date on Monday.

Hayley said she had only been matched with Bryan for a few hours before he asked her if she would like to go to the movies with him.

After the movie, she says Bryan invited himself inside her place. She thought Bryan was going to drop her off. She said it was sort of off-putting but she went along with it.

Bryan told Hayley he wanted to watch another movie on Netflix, which they did...but that's when Hayley said the evening turned weird and creepy.

Hayley said Bryan kept trying to touch her. Not in a sexual way, but in a tickling way.

Yeah, that's a no go for pretty much anyone in that setting.

Bryan kept touching her shoulders and tickling the point where Hayley said "Why are you touching me?" Bryan got super serious and answered that he wasn't touching her and denied it.

Hayley was obviously uncomfortable, so she excused herself to the bathroom. Bryan followed her, but not into the bathroom. He just stood outside the door.

She was too uncomfortable and scared to ask him to leave, so she pretended to throw up.

Bryan finally got the hint and messaged Hayley on Tinder to say that he was leaving, which he did.

About an hour later, Bryan messages Hayley again on the app and tells her that she had "good birthing hips" EW.

Hayley never contacted him back and hasn't heard from him since.

Nightmare fuel. Hayley gave an interview recently and was thankful that the date didn't turn violent after she saw what Bryan allegedly did to those four Idaho college students in November.

Online dating needs to be treated with so much caution and care. You just never know who is on those apps and what can happen.

Bryan's preliminary hearing for those murder charges will be on June 26.

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