The art of the disagreement. Are we born knowing how to argue or did our parents leave us propped up in front of People's Court for too many afternoons? Most arguments are stupid. They turn into a lot of yelling and very little thinking and then there is the tumultuous tension of wondering whether the words will escalate into physical violence. If you add alcohol then you have a perfect scenario for every major holiday celebrated in America.

These two toddlers obviously don't see eye to eye on whatever it is they are discussing. I believe the conversation goes from the actual topic of the argument to the standard you be quiet. Then comes the always present notification of age. In the world of the toddler being older is tantamount to being king.

I am surprised this didn't escalate into a battle of who is better in math or who can count higher. Math and knowledge always seem to give the edge to one kid or the other when embroiled in verbal sparring matches.

If your kids are basically grown like mine are you can appreciate the toddler argument. The words don't sting as much as they do when the kids are teenagers. By the time they reach their teens the gloves have come off and words can really hurt. That is when I get really sad about the job I have done being a Dad.

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