From our good friend at KATC Tracy Wirtz:

I was having a conversation once with a male friend about why guys seem to just not "get it." After batting ideas back and forth, it seemed to come down to one basic truth.

Ladies, we LOVE to hint around at stuff without just coming right out and saying what we mean. I get this! (After all, I'm one of YOU!) We want our significant other to know us well enough to know what we want, when we want it, without having to be told. We want them to know our needs and fulfill them because they love us THAT much or because we are just that much in sync. Or, we are busy doing the wife/mommy thing and we want them to notice all our hard work and efforts, and we want them to help and do their part without us having to give them marching orders. But, men, you guys just don't seem to get it sometimes. I mean, you are great but, as my friend so appropriately put it, you need to have it told to you. No hints... just TELL me what you want. So I'm "researching" on the internet and happened upon this nifty and (blessedly) short article from Woman's Day that spells it out quite nicely! So, gentlemen... read on! It will make us (and, ultimately, you) happier!

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