In our efforts to bring you the very best in entertainment from around the world we here at the Bruce and the Kennel club show leave no stone unturned. Or should we say no stoned guy unturned loose with a video camera. This is just strange. It made me laugh so hard I spit coffee everywhere. I am thinking it will do the same thing for you. I suggest you turn this up loud, press play and then walk away from your desk to get a drink.

If you are fan of Classic Country Saturday Night here on 97.3 The Dawg you might remember a song by Ray Stevens. It was a remake of the Glen Miller big band classic In the Mood and it was sung by chickens. What is about chickens and music that just seem to bring us joy?

It probably stems from hours of childhood playtime with the See N Say from Fisher Price. Be careful what toys you give your children, they could wind up singing like a chicken on the Internet.