Friday afternoon it was looking as if this morning, Monday, would be a lot wetter than it is. Last Friday an area of disturbed weather near Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula was looking like it might develop into a tropical depression or even a tropical storm. The forecast was to bring that system fairly close the Louisiana's coast line by this morning. That didn't happen.

An intrusion of dry air and an upper level low pressure system basically took what ever chance that system had of getting organized and destroyed it. Such is life in the tropics. What once was a powerful system can be weakened in a matter of hours if the atmospheric conditions dictate. By the same token an area of thunderstorms over warm Gulf of Mexico waters can blow up into a category 3 storm much like Opal did a few years ago.

The other concern in the tropics last week was Tropical Storm Erin. Erin has since lost its tropical characteristics and is no longer being monitored by the Hurricane Center. Another tropical wave just off the coast of Africa has been given a minimal chance of development over the next few days. Right now the tropical forecast looks to be quiet and remain that way for the next few days.However, as we have seen this week things can change quickly this time of year.