Forecasters with the National Hurricane Center and the National Weather Service will be keeping a watchful eye on the Gulf of Mexico over the next few days. Some of the reliable forecast models are developing a tropical wave in the Western Gulf by the end of the week.

Should that forecast come to fruition that could certainly have a noticeable effect on South Louisiana's weather forecast for the coming days. Those models that develop this weather feature suggest that it will slide up the Texas coast making a possible landfall during the day Sunday or Monday.

As of now none of the tropical models are forecasting a rapid intensification of the system should it actually form. We should point out that this scenario is based on model guidance, the weather system in question has currently not developed but there are indications that a low-pressure system of some kind will likely form in the forecast area we've described above.

Remember, these are simply model solutions at this time and not a call to action. We do recommend that you and your family spend time going over your hurricane preparation plans from time to time during the season. This way should the need to act on those plans become necessary you are better prepared to do so.

This is a developing situation and will be monitored closely over the next several days.

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