Two juveniles were injured during a shooting that happened on East Maple Street according to Eunice Police Chief Randy Fontenot.

He tells KPEL that one man what shot in the leg, and that person was treated and released from a hospital. The second juvenile was shot, was taken into surgery, and had a bullet removed. He remains hospitalized.

Fontenot says there was a large group of juveniles hanging out in a crowd in that area when a fight erupted. He says at some point during the fight, shots were fired, and two juveniles were shot.

The Chief says that arrests will more than likely happen in the near future.

There is no word on what caused the fight to start, but there is surveillance video of the whole situation, and Fontenot says arrests will likely be made because of this video.

Several of the juveniles jumped into a car that was on the scene. The driver took off heading towards the hospital and ended seeing a police cruiser. The driver flagged that officer down for help.

Fontenot says his investigation is ongoing at this time.

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