College presidents and administrators are no longer playing. The fraternity house hijinx popularized by movies like Animal House can't and won't be allowed on college campuses across the nation.

Florida State University suspended all aspects of on-campus Greek Life earlier this week. LSU has just announced that two more fraternities will no longer be functioning campus groups as of yesterday.

Greek Life activities for the chapters of Alpha Gamma Rho and Pi Kappa Phi at LSU have been suspended until further notice. Both groups are currently being investigated to determine if either or both organizations violated the university's code of conduct.

In a story penned by reporter Wilborn P. Nobles III on he details a letter to Alpha Gamma Rho's chapter president that scrutinized an incident on the night of August 21st. That incident is one of the targets of an investigation. In that same story, it is alleged that the fraternity held an event without an advisor present on November 5th.

A letter was also emailed to Pi Kappa Phi's chapter president on October 17th regarding an event that took place on October 13th. It is believed this event violated the  LSU policies that were clarified following the death of a fraternity pledge earlier this year.

As a parent of a LSU student, I urge the leaders of these Greek Life organizations to get their heads out of their backsides and grow up just a little. Sorority and fraternity membership adds to the college experience, assuming you can live through it.

Stop acting like entitled imbeciles and step up for the good of those "brothers and sisters" you profess to love. If you love someone you don't drown them in alcohol and you don't allow rampant sexual assault in your houses. It's time to be men and women and not pretty boys and divas. You're not bulletproof and no matter how much money Daddy has it can't save you from yourself.

I applaud the actions of the LSU administration for taking action on this issue. Unfortunately, for one family in particular, that action is several months too late.

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