The new school year is just a few days old and while issues with busses on the first day happened to be more about routes and drivers. Issues with busses on the second day were of a more frightening variety.

There was a crash involving a school bus in Lafayette Parish and in Vernon Parish, a school bus actually caught on fire with children on board.

Yesterday morning a school bus in Lafayette was involved in a crash on Piat Road near the intersection with Austin. A witness told us that the bus and pick up truck came together at the location. Fortunately, there were no students injured in the incident. The driver of the bus did report some minor injuries.

Things got a little hotter in Vernon Parish yesterday.

Again in this incident, there were no significant injuries. The fire was believed to have been started by an issue with the rear brakes on the bus.

Parents are encouraged to go over bus rider safety tips with their children. Hopefully, the lessons learned will never be needed but having an understanding of emergency procedures before they are needed can save a lot of lives.

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