LSU has done, and now students at the University of Louisiana Lafayette will be able to win prizes for vaccinating against COVID according to UL Lafayette President Dr. Joseph Savoie.

He says they have worked out a plan to incentivize students who have not received the vaccine to get the show. Their new program is called, "Don't Wait. Vaccinate!"

Savoie wants students to know the following,

Vaccines are free, they are safe, and they are the best shot we have to end the pandemic. If you haven't been vaccinated, we hope the University's Incentives program encourages you to do so. If you have, thank you, and please consider talking to your family and friends who haven't and urge them to follow your lead.


Who Is Paying For This Program?

It's been put on by the Wellness Center Fund which is a fund that is managed by the UL Lafayette Foundation.

What Can You Win?

  • They will be doing a random drawing among the vaccinated for the following prizes:
  • Two Oculus Quests
  • Free campus parking
  • Two MacBook Airs
  • Two IPhone 12's
  • An Apple Watch
  • Two $300 Declining Balances

If you are a student who has been vaccinated you can click here to register for the prize drawings.

You have to have had either the Johnson & Johnson shot or both rounds of Moderna or Pfizer vaccines.

You have to be registered for the Fall 2021 semester at UL Lafayette in order to register

Over a series of several weeks, UL will hold their drawings, and the first drawing with happen on Tuesday, August 10.

Dean of Students, Dr. Margarita Perez expressed her sentiments saying getting vaccinated is about safety,

Vaccines are critical to returning campus life to a pre-pandemic normal....It's about engaging and motivating students to do their part to help bring the pandemic to an end and keep our campus safe.

Regardless of whether or not you are a student, anyone wishing to get vaccinated, but who isn't sure where to go, you can click here to find out more information.
The following is a list of the drawings and what prizes students might win:

Don't Wait. Vaccinate
Photo courtesy of UL Lafayette University of Louisiana at Lafayette

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