Last week as heavy storms raced through Louisiana, there were tornadoes popping up all over South Louisiana. Video has now surfaced of a FedEx driver scrambling for shelter and darting behind a soft drink vending machine at a hardware store, just seconds before a tornado touches down and starts ripping the store apart!

Paincourtville, La FedEx driver Kyra Johnson is seen desperately trying to get inside this hardware store as a twister quickly approaches. The doors to the store are locked, so she gets between the soda machine and the store. Next, you'll see the store being completely ripped apart by the tornado, and Johnson still ducking for cover until the camera goes out.

Johnson walked away from this without scratch!

In hindsight, not being able to get into the store probably saved her life. You'll see security camera footage from inside the store, and there's no way she could have survived with all of the debris flying around.