What would a four day school week do to your life? For students, the only thing better than a four day school week would be a three day school week. For parents and caregivers that whole extra day off might not sit too well with their already established five day work week.

Regardless, the issue of a four day school week is on the agenda for this Wednesday's Vermilion Parish School Board meeting. Under a proposal, the board is expected to consider classes would run Tuesday through Friday. The plan would include a longer school day during those classroom days.

A four day school week is not unheard of. Already more than 500 school systems throughout the United States have switched to a four-day academic calendar. Two of those school systems are in Louisiana. Caldwell Parish Schools have operated on a four day week for some time now and this past March the school board in Avoyelles Parish voted to switch that system to a four-day plan.

Those in favor of the measure say the move to a four-day schedule will save the school district money. Those against the measure cite how the change in schedule will affect parents and childcare.


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