There is one guarantee when it comes to hurricane coverage on television in Acadiana: Someone is bound to do something outrageous and/or funny while a live shot is on air.

That axiom held true on Sunday when KATC reporter Katie Easter was on air in Jeanerette describing how the storm was impacting the city. She staged her live shot outside a grocery store in the heart of town, and the owners served her a golden opportunity on a silver platter.

Katie seized it.

"If you think you are hearing lawn mowers, you are," the intrigued Easter said as the camera panned towards a couple mowing their lawn in the strong winds. It turns out the couple owns Mac's Sugar City Market. As Easter said in her live shot, they were afraid Ida's rains would cause their property to look like "a jungle." So they took it upon themselves to prevent that from happening.

Easter's play-by-play of the lawn mowing prompted her coworkers back at KATC to begin laughing into their microphones, which bled into her earpiece, leading her to call out her colleagues on air for distracting her.

The store's owners weren't alone in doing some last minute yard work. A person who commented on the video said his 87-year-old father did the same thing.

Another viewer reported her neighbor was also mowing his lawn.

While the notion to mow before a hurricane is understandable, experts say you should wait until after a hurricane to mow your lawn. That's because longer grass help the soil hold more water.

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