Vince Gill is one of country’s most distinctive singers, but he’s more than just a pretty voice — he’s also one of the industry’s most gifted guitarists.

One person who’s aware of those gifts? Alice Cooper, who asked Gill to add a little spice to a track from Cooper’s upcoming album, ‘Welcome 2 My Nightmare’ — and Gill responded with a hard-rockin’ solo that might take some of his longtime fans by surprise.

“I asked him to play something that’s kind of [like blues guitarist] Mike Bloomfield, and just, I said, ‘Rip it.’ [He] took out a telecaster and just blasted it,” Cooper explained. “It’s such a monster solo. I love it.”

The track in question is titled ‘A Runaway Train,’ and will appear on ‘Welcome 2 My Nightmare,’ which will be in mid-September.