That's Courtney Barnes a resident of Jackson Mississippi and last week a viral video star. Today, Courtney is in trouble with the law. Why? Well let's just say when you draw attention to yourself, people will pay attention to you. Some of those people might be police officers too.

Courtney's flamboyant description of a traffic accident involving a Jackson MS police office was making the viral video rounds last week. As we watched it here at the radio station we were thinking there is going to be an auto-tuned song featuring Courtney in just a matter of days. It turns out Courtney does have a record. A police record.

It seems Courtney had a few warrants out for his arrest. Authorities were suggesting he might have run afoul of social norms in regards to payment for goods and services at a local Walmart and another trendy shopping place known a Swell-O-Phonic.  In other words Courtney was wanted for shoplifting and this wonderful viral video gave police the exact location of his whereabouts.

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