We still have a few more weeks of he said, she said in the United States Senator race only to see another potentially nasty election on the horizon. The race for Governor of the State of Louisiana has begun. If the pollsters are right those vying for the state's top  job will have one man to beat. That man is current sitting United State's Senator David Vitter.

Okay we might be jumping the gun a little, okay a lot because according to the results of a recent survey over half of Louisiana voters have no opinion on whom they'd like to see in the Governor's mansion in Baton Rouge. Still of that slightly less than half that do have an opinion, half of them say Vitter is their guy.

John Surich is a pollster for Multi-Quest and his firm recently conducted a survey of Louisiana voters about the race for Governor in 2015. In that survey David Vitter was the choice of 25.9% of voters while Lt. Governor Jay Dardenne received 10.9% of the votes. The results of the poll are good news and bad news says Surich.

"I mean if you're going to have only 48% of the people take a position on a candidate you want to get half of that which is what he's got,"

Surich's remarks were reported by the Louisiana Radio Network.

The wild card in the Governor's race appears to be New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu. He has made rumblings about seeking the state's top job but nothing official has been announced. Currently the leading Democratic candidates are State Representative John Bel Edwards who garnered 4% of the vote. That barley edged out State Public Service Commissioner Foster Campbell who earned 3.8% of the votes from those surveyed.

Voters will go to the polls next October to determine who will be the state's next Governor.

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